Submit Your Music

Submit your song for airplay on the Street Connection Indy Spotlight by filling out the form below. Every Saturday the Street Connection features an up-and-coming artist song on the Indy Spotlight during their show on KCEP Power 88. The song must be CLEAN, and have an professional quality sound to it. Submitting your song does not guarantee that your song will be played on the air. Only the best of the best will actually get played on the Street Connections Indy Spotlight. ONLY SUBMIT ONE SONG PER MONTH, if you are discovered submitting more than one song per month then all of your submissions will be discarded.
The Terms of Submission to the The Street Connection Radio:
1. You confirm and accept legal responsibility submitted works to The Street Connection are the property of the artist, and all rights to these works being submitted, including lyrics and music, are the property of the artist.
2. You confirm and accept legal responsibility that submitted works contain no recordings, lyrics, copyrights, or other elements that infringe on copyrights of any other artist.
3. Despite any recording contracts with RIAA, ASCAP, or BMI, or other recording industry entity, you, the submitter confirm you or your client retain ownership of the works, and are free to distribute, broadcast, license or sell these works at the your discretion.
4. You, the submitter, confirm that you are submitting a musical recording for airplay on the Street Connection radio show on Power 88 (88.1 fm) and websites including the radio station with the full understanding that no royalties or fees will be paid to the artist (or collection company on their behalf – PRS, BMI, ASCAP etc) by the Show or Station for the use of their content in the context of the already defined terms, neither in the present nor retroactively. This is a quid pro quo arrangement: free music in exchange for free publicity.
5. You, the submitter, indemnify the Street Connection & Power 88, its djs, presenters, and staff and take full legal and financial responsibility for songs submitted which are not under your rights ownership of which may be subject to rights and royalties collection.